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Affordable Web Designer UK

Affordable cost eCommerce web design services. The UK’s number #1 affordable web designer with more than 7+ years of experience!

Mihai Dobre is a successful web design and eCommerce freelance web designer. I focus on building and design of small businesses, startups and eCommerce content managed websites that offer unrivalled quality and support.

Affordable Web Designer UK

Affordable Web Designer For Small Business

If you are looking for an affordable website designer, look no further! Great but cheap website design. Build your website from £300.

As a freelance web designer, I build affordable e-commerce web designs for small businesses in London & UK and I will take care of your eCommerce project so you can focus on your customers and sales.

You know how stressful it is to have a website that underdelivers, especially if you paid a fortune for it!

If you spent so much time, money and effort, why are you not getting any results?

Affordable e-Commerce Web Designer UK

More and more companies are realising how important it is to have an e-commerce online shop with an attractive interface, through which all their customers, and the general public, can access their content, learn about the latest news related to the brand, purchase their products or services, track their shipments, or contact them in case they have any questions, doubts, complaints or suggestions.

In addition, having a website allows the company to reach a wider audience, which means greater reach, better positioning in the market, internationalisation of the brand, and of course, business growth, increased sales and higher profits, internationalisation of the brand, and of course, business growth increased sales and higher profits.

A freelance web designer, as the name suggests, is a freelance professional expert in web design & eCommerce. My services can be hired to create a new website or to restructure one that is already up and running but does not meet expectations.

As an expert in e-commerce website design in London, UK I know what the company wants to achieve through its website, I can start with the work and create in a short time an attractive website, with an intuitive interface that helps the company to achieve higher sales, improve communication with its customers and make itself known in the national and foreign market.

Advantages of hiring my services as an affordable freelance web designer in the UK

A company that hires an affordable freelance web designer like me through Google UK to create or restructure its website can enjoy multiple advantages, among them… Have a look here to learn more why you should hire a freelance web designer near me:

Affordable web designer prices

A freelance web designer like ME usually works from home or from a place where he or she does not have to face huge expenses, and for this reason, their prices are much more affordable than those offered by a web design agency. This is very beneficial for companies that are new to the market, as they have to keep their costs as low as possible.

Original eCommerce web design style

Each web designer has his own style of work that identifies him, this makes his projects more original and makes his clients’ websites stand out from the rest.

Customised website design UK

When you contract your services with me as a Freelance Web Designer, communication tends to be more frequent and fluid, which helps both parties to express every new idea or suggestion we have, resulting in a customised design that identifies with the company & brand.

Easy flexibility to make modifications to the eCommerce website

Usually, I work on only one project at a time and I maintain good communication with my clients, I am usually flexible when it comes to making the modifications that the client requires for his website. This is so that the client feels completely satisfied with my services, that they keep me in mind for new projects and that they convert me to a reference for other potential clients.

FAST eCommerce web design project delivery

As a freelance web designer usually I work on only one project at a time, so that I fully focus on a single job and get my client’s website ready on time. Normally I deliver the website of my client in 10 business days .. and sometimes less than 10 days!

Affordable eCommerce Web Designer – About my work process


I study the product(s) / sector you want to sell and advise you on the best way to do it. The design, hosting and all the necessary information for a PERFECT eCommerce design.

Design Proposal

I design an online shop proposal in 5-7 working days based on your ideas and my 7+ years of experience designing websites with WordPress or WooCommerce.

Development and testing

I will set up your online eCommerce shop and its functionalities and do different types of tests to make sure that everything works correctly and is bug-free.

Delivery & Publication of the Web

After your final approval, I will proceed to migrate the shop, publishing it in its corresponding domain and hosting to put it LIVE on the internet.


Over the last 7 years, I've worked with freelancers, freelancers, startups and companies based in the UK, Spain and the US and in all honesty, probably a city near you!


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