DropShipping Store UK

How To Start A Dropshipping Store UK

Thanks to the Aliexpress Dropshipping online sales method, you can open an online shop with minimum investment as you will not have to invest in a stock.

Online shop design for dropshipping with Aliexpress, sell any product without the need for a physical shop, warehouse or stock from the UK.

Start your own dropshipping business with AliExpress online and earn reselling products with up to 200% of your profit margin!

How to start a Dropshipping business

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is what you are looking for if you need to create a cheap online shop. This business model is based on a logistics management system by which you offer products in your shop without having them in stock. In colloquial terms, it is a so-called commission agent. You sell your suppliers’ products in your online shop, which will not have any stock and you only care about making sales. Therefore, it can be said that the figure of the retailer and eCommerce owner performs a mere intermediary role. Some benefits are:

  • These cheap online dropshipping stores require much less investment compared to a physical store.
  • You don’t have to think about any logistical or distribution issues when setting up your online shop.
  • Your own dropshipper will ship orders directly to your customers.
  • Much less overhead and less work than in a physical shop or other online shop models.
  • And many more advantages that I will tell you about below.

Logistics is usually one of the least thought about when creating an online dropshipping shop in the UK, whether it is cheap or whatever, and yet, it is one of the most important parts to take into account because of its difficulty and expenses derived from it. Therefore, if you are considering starting a digital business and setting up a cheap online shop, the dropshipping model is a good option as it frees you from the headaches of the logistics system. On the other hand, you must have firm agreements reached through negotiations with the dropshipper wholesaler that include the conditions established for these logistics. The supplier must scrupulously comply with what has been agreed so as not to damage the reputation and good work of the online shop. So, is it interesting that we can delegate it?

Benefits of starting a Dropshipping business from the UK

  • You work from home without working hours or bosses
  • You do NOT have to be a computer scientist or have computer skills.
  • No investment in stock or warehousing
  • You get your turnkey business with my help

My goal is to boost your Aliexpres DropShipping business with an eCommerce Shop

Can I help you with your DropShipping web project? Do you need something different? Special requests?

What is included in the dropshipping online store UK?

WordPress + WooCommerce

Installation and configuration of an e-commerce WooCommerce on your hosting. With the guarantee of the best web design.

Professional Web Design

Adaptation of one of my premium designs with your logo and custom content.

Hosting and Domain name

To make it 100% owned by you and in your name, I will tell you where and how to register the domain name and the hosting.

Shipping Methods

Installation and configuration of the shipping options with the prices and services from Aliexpress.

Payment Methods

Configuration of various payment methods: cash on delivery, credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

Technical Support

If you experience any issues with synchronisation or the shop, you can contact me anytime.


Tailored web pages with friendly URLs to help you climb the search engine results in Google & Bing.

100% your property

The created dropshipping store will 100% of your property. You can later SELL it, give it to a friend… whatever you want to do. I don’t take commissions from your SALES and no monthly fees.

Blog Module

Installing and configuring a Blog in the WooCommerce e-commerce shop so you can explain to your customers the benefits of your products and how they could help others.

How much does it cost to have a Dropshipping Store UK?

I need you to understand what is NOT included in the DropShipping Store UK.

1.- Hosting and Domain. It is the first step that you must have contracted before accessing this service. I can advise you to choose it. Without a doubt, I recommend FastComet, and it’s FastCloud Extra to get started. They include a FREE domain in the contract for the 1st year. Just make sure you choose the Datacenter in the UK. If you need HELP just contact me.

2.- Content creation. I will take care of creating the page of your blog so that you can publish your texts there. I can put a couple of draft articles so you can see how they look inside the blog, but I do not write the content, nor upload images, infographics or videos. You will have to do this when the website is delivered to you. If you have the texts, images and all the media and you want to save time you can HIRE ME to do it for you if you want.

3.- Creation of social network accounts. Remember that this service is not included. You will be in charge of creating the accounts of your social profiles that you want to integrate into your website. When you have them ready, you send them to me and I will integrate them into your website. For the rest of the eCommerce web design plans, I will take care of this task.

4.- Design of your brand logo. I am not a graphic designer, so I am not qualified to create a logo for your project. You will have to send it to me ready to be uploaded on the web. If you need one, you could contact me to provide you with my collaborator in these matters.

5. – Photographs and images of your products. You will have to send me the photos of the products of your shop in jpg or png with the dimensions that I indicate you.

6.- WordPress Maintenance Plans – If you need me to take care of your WordPress website: updates, fix, maintenance, virus removal etc… you should check my WordPress Maintenance Packages UK.