eCommerce Website Design UK

WordPress online shop design with WooCommerce UK

If eCommerce is your thing and you want to have your own Online Shop created in WordPress with WooCommerce UK, I can help you.

Some of these situations may be familiar to you:

  • You would like to create an e-commerce web design with an attractive design that attracts customers and increases your online sales.
  • You’re burned out of trying free WordPress templates oriented to the world of online sales but you can’t manage to finish setting up the website.
  • You need a website for your online shop that is functional, with a modern design, practical and above all, easy to manage.
  • It has to be loyal to your brand and sell on autopilot 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.
  • You need a system that is easy to update, without having to resort to code every time you want to customise something in the shop.
  • You want a responsive eCommerce shop that adapts correctly to mobile devices.


eCommerce Website Design UK

I develop optimised e-commerce projects to sell products or services of all kinds.

My online eCommerce Website Design shops in the UK offer clean and clear designs that adapt to each sector and the personality of each company. I incorporate the functionalities that are best suited to each sector, always seeking to make the purchasing process easy and pleasant for the buyer.

We incorporate the payment methods you need, whether offline (transfer and cash on delivery) or online (Paypal and credit card payments using Stripe).

As for the product catalogue ( Shop ), either you upload them yourself or I can do it for you. That will depend on the time you can dedicate to it, if you have the complete catalogue or if you are going to incorporate the products little by little. In any case, I will always be there to help you & assist. In all my eCommerce web design plans I upload the products from you starting from 10 and up to 50 products. You only need to decide with the e-commerce plan that fits better your idea and your project/budget.

My goal is to boost your business with an eCommerce Web Design UK.

Can I help you with your ecommerce web project? Do you need something different? Special requests?

What you can manage in your online eCommerce shop?

You will have full control to create, add, edit, delete, innovate, etc…


Create, edit and delete all the products you need, create stocks and classify them into families, categories and subcategories to organise them. Relate them to each other, write descriptions, characteristics, add photographs, videos, etc. You have FULL CONTROL!


Choose the geographical areas where you are going to send your products, set the shipping costs and configure the tax rates. Set prices for end customers and professionals if you need to. There’s no limit on what you can do!


You can control the status of orders placed in your shop, the payment method used, how shipments are going and also displays sales reports, analyses the best-selling products, cross-selling and more.


Create discounts and promotions. Build customer loyalty by creating coupons to redeem on future purchases, manage customers and manage subscribers to send them regular newsletters. I call it REMARKETING!


I will have your eCommerce personalised design ready in about 20 days; from the moment you give me the information I will ask you for after ordering the service.


Your WooCommerce website will have the necessary security plugins installed, and will also have more than £150 in premium versions.


I will prepare up to 6 main static pages ( depending on the eCommerce plan you choose ) that will compose your main menu. If you need it I can also include a secondary menu.


I will create your branded email accounts ( depending on the eCommerce plan ) associated with your domain and then I will link them to the contact form on your website.


I will upload the logo and favicon that you send me and I will adapt your website with the corporate colours that form your personal brand. If you don’t have any business logo I also can HELP you. Just contact me


After delivery of your online shop, you will have 30 calendar days to ask questions by email about the settings we have defined for your website and also to make small changes.


I will upload the images and texts that you provide me with for the pages and products that make up your online shop. If you don’t have the text or images I can provide them ( charged separately ). Just contact me


I will take care of the creation of the account for the subscriber acquisition strategy with Mailchimp and subsequent integration into your online project ( available on some of the eCommerce plans ).

I don’t just CREATE eCommerce website design

I create a working tool and a fundamental communication channel for your expansion and sales.

User-friendly online shop design UK

You will manage your online shop quickly and I will also make it easy for your customers to buy without hassle.

Full Management of the SHOP

You will have access to the full management of all shop functions.

Responsive WooCommerce Web Design

You will GET an online eCommerce shop adaptable to any device: Android, IPhone, Tablet and more…

Customised Web Design

Customised, contemporary and effective design. You will LOVE it from the first moment. Your customers will LOVE it as well!

Great user experience

An WooCommerce web shop with a great user experience and usability to rank better in Google & Bing.

eCommerce Web Designer UK – The Process

My online WooCommerce shops are attractive, functional and ready to sell.


I study the product(s) / Niche / Sector you want to sell and advise you on the best way to do it. The design, hosting and all the necessary information for a PERFECT design.

Design Proposal

I design an online shop proposal in 5-7 working days based on your ideas and my 7 years of experience designing online shops with WooCommerce.

SHOP development and testing

I will set up the shop and its functionalities and do different types of tests to make sure that everything works correctly and is bug-free.

SHOP development and testing

I will set up the shop and its functionalities and do different types of tests to make sure that everything works correctly and is bug-free.

Delivery & Publication of the SHOP

After your final approval, I will proceed to migrate the shop, publishing it in its corresponding domain and hosting to put it LIVE on the internet.

I need you to understand what is NOT included in some of the eCommerce web design plans.

1.- Hosting and Domain. It is the first step that you must have contracted before accessing this service. I can advise you to choose it. Without a doubt, I recommend FastComet, and it’s FastCloud Extra to get started. They include a FREE domain in the contract for the 1st year. Just make sure you choose the Datacenter in the UK. If you need HELP just contact me.

2.- Content creation. I will take care of creating the page of your blog so that you can publish your texts there. I can put a couple of draft articles so you can see how they look inside the blog, but I do not write the content, nor upload images, infographics or videos. You will have to do this when the website is delivered to you. If you have the texts, images and all the media and you want to save time you can HIRE ME to do it for you if you want.

3.- Creation of social network accounts. Remember that in the START SHOP PLAN this service is not included. You will be in charge of creating the accounts of your social profiles that you want to integrate into your website. When you have them ready, you send them to me and I will integrate them into your website. For the rest of the eCommerce web design plans, I will take care of this task.

4.- Design of your brand logo. I am not a graphic designer, so I am not qualified to create a logo for your project. You will have to send it to me ready to be uploaded on the web. If you need one, you could contact me to provide you with my collaborator in these matters.

5. – Photographs and images of your products. You will have to send me the photos of the products of your shop in jpg or png with the dimensions that I indicate you.

6.- WordPress Maintenance Plans – If you need me to take care of your WordPress website: updates, fix, maintenance, virus removal etc… you should check my WordPress Maintenance Packages UK.