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Imagine you are walking down the street in the centre of your city, surrounded by countless shops. Which are the shop windows that catch your eye? The answer is simple: those that offer promotions and discounts. And if we transfer this essential marketing technique to e-commerce, what would be the result? Today we are going to see how to make your WooCommerce more dynamic thanks to the application of volume discounts.

Before we continue, I am going to explain briefly what volume discounting consists of. It is a pricing strategy that consists of applying discounts (either in the price per unit or in the total of the shopping cart) as the customer buys. In other words, so that we understand each other, normally the objective of this strategy is to increase the average amount in the shopping cart by encouraging the customer to buy more units.

Now that you know what it’s all about. Let’s see how to transfer to your eCommerce all the colourful posters featuring end-of-season sales, buy 3×2, or everything at £10 until the end of the week.

You will learn how to apply the most commonly used tricks of the trade on the internet that will take your online shop to the next level. Let’s get started!

What is YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Do you need to improve the sales of your online shop? Would you like to capture the attention of your potential customers or build the loyalty of those who already know your e-commerce? How can you make your shop more dynamic and interesting in the eyes of the people who will “walk” in front of your virtual shop window?

Here’s the solution, it’s called YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount. This WooCommerce plugin will allow you to create special offers based on cart value, quantity or specific products for which you can edit prices dynamically, avoiding creating coupons and sending them to your users.

This plugin allows you to easily offer new prices and offers to your customers.

Thanks to this plugin, you will be able to carry out, among others, these marketing actions:

  • Give a product as a gift to the customer who buys certain selected items
  • Activate a promotion only for certain categories in your online shop.
  • Discount all end-of-season products with a single click.

You set the limits. With just one add-on you can design an online shop that customers will come back to for interesting news and discounts. They know they will find them there.

More visits, more sales: this is the secret of your e-commerce success.

Differences between PREMIUM and FREE versions

At this point, and once you know how YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount can help you, it’s time to analyse its most important features. But, be careful, here you have to take into account that this plugin has two versions: one paid and one free. The features of one and the other are somewhat different, as is logical. Therefore, below I will detail the differences between one and the other. Then, you decide which one you want  😉

Free Version Features

WooCommerce Volume Offers and Discounts

As we have seen in the first part of the post, this plugin allows you to create discounts and offers for customers of your online shop. In the case of the free version, these are the benefits that your online shop will be able to benefit from:

  • It allows you to apply the desired discount to all products in your WooCommerce or only to a specific category, but this version does not allow you to create discount rules based on more specific requirements.
  • You will have the ability to set a percentage discount on products
  • Allows you to set the minimum quantity of product required to benefit from the discount.

The bad news is as starting November 2020 the free version is not available anymore to be downloaded.

Premium Version Features

If you want to be able to “play” with offers and discounts in your online shop and want to be able to combine, schedule and apply them in a much more personalised way, the paid version is perfect for your WooCommerce. Unlike the free version, the premium version adds certain features that will allow you to offer the user many more advantages. Here are some of the benefits of the paid version:


Allows you to apply a discount to the cart total depending on the requirements you have set in the discount rule. That is, you can allow to apply a discount or not depending on:

  • the total amount of the cart
  • the user name and role
  • the number of orders placed by the user
  • the total amount of purchases previously made by the user
  • the number of products in the cart
  • the quantity of certain products in the cart
  • And many more conditions…


As I have already mentioned in the feature above, the paid version of YITH Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount offers you the possibility to provide a discount on the product depending on the amount your customer buys. In this way, you will be giving advantageous conditions to all those users who buy a specific quantity. Benefit those who buy the most.

For example, if your customer buys 5 units of a T-shirt, the cost of the T-shirt will be £7 instead of £10.


If you want to offer a discount only on certain products, you can. Choose to limit your offers only to products in certain categories and or labels. You, better than anyone else, know which products will bring you the most profit.

You can include or exclude those categories you want. For example, you can make a discount on those products in which you obtain a higher profit or on those that you do not manage to take out of your virtual shop window. It’s up to you.


And if you want to offer your users even more benefits, you can combine several discount rules to reduce the final cost of their purchase even more. This plugin allows you to set cumulative discounts and thus offer more benefits to your customers. They will come back for sure.


And if you want to benefit only those users who keep coming back to your online shop, you can do that too. This plugin allows you to choose which users can benefit from the discount. You can choose to apply the discount to everyone or limit the offer to those selected by email or user role.

I repeat what I said before: it benefits those who buy the most. They deserve it 😉


The paid version of this WooCommerce plugin allows you to configure the time interval in which your discounts will be available. You can specify the start and/or end date of your offer. This tool is very useful, for example, for the Christmas campaign or the sales period of your e-commerce.


Keep your online shop users informed about discounts at all times, by adding notes to those products that allow the application of discounts or to those that already have them. This way you will be able to encourage users and improve the sales of your business. Who will resist buying the product of their dreams at an unbeatable price?

Vídeo | How does YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin works + setup

Now that we have seen the features of this plugin for WooCommerce and we have analysed its two versions, it’s time to see how it really works. If you want to discover all its features, don’t miss this video in which I show you how YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts work and tell you how to get the most out of it.


At this point, it is time to reflect and evaluate all the information we have seen so far. If one thing has become clear to us, it is that if you want to optimise your online shop and improve sales, you have the possibility to offer discounts and offers to your customers quickly and easily.

With YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts you can create all the promotions you want to attract the attention of your customers and, why not, make them loyal to you. Two in one, and all thanks to a single add-on that gives dynamism to your e-commerce. What are you waiting for to take advantage of the principles of elementary marketing?

Offer discounts to your customers as they shop and you will see the average amount in their shopping cart increase.

Why I work with YITH

WooCommerce Volume Offers and Discounts

If you have come this far I would like to explain why I work with the company YITH (Your Inspiration Themes). And actually, it’s not because they have more powerful plugins and with more features than WooThemes but because they have great support that solves any doubt in less than 24h.

If you don’t know, the company WooThemes has its own repository of extensions, but they are quite expensive and are not as advanced as those of YITH. In this case, the company YITH always improves and adds more features than WooThemes to all its plugins.

On the other hand, WooThemes plugins are not developed by them, many of them are developed by external programmers and then added to the repository of WooThemes so I prefer to trust YITH as I know they respond with guarantees.

Licensing and pricing

I don’t want to leave anything out, that’s why, before finishing this article, I want to refer to the licensing and pricing of YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts.

As for the subscription licence, this entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. And you also have to take into account that each installation of the plugin will require a licence key.

And as for the price, this varies depending on the licenses you need but for 1 single website, the price is 68£, if you need to see all the prices you can access directly to their website.

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