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Today, it is undeniable that the ways of finding and interacting with companies have changed. Where once people tended to turn to friends and family to recommend a product or service, now they turn to the Internet for solutions.

In this changing landscape, a good digital presence is essential, making the creation of a corporate website a very important requirement for all companies, from large multinationals to local SMEs.

The need to have a website is independent of the size of the website and whether you want to sell products online because its function goes beyond that: to increase your presence and prestige and, therefore, to increase sales.

Nine benefits of a business corporate website

It serves as a letter of introduction: It is like a virtual business card that helps potential customers to know where the company is, what services it offers and who is behind it. It is not necessary to show prices or set up an e-commerce platform to show a catalogue of what the company offers so that the user is convinced that they have found what they are looking for.

Increases prestige: Prestige increases proportionally to the quality of the website. A corporate website is a good investment to show a serious and professional image that attracts. A corporate blog together with a good content strategy that gathers information about the sector, will make your potential clients reach the website through Google searches, which will increase visibility and will make the website become a reference site in its field.

Create trust: A corporate website must show a physical presence and facilitate contact with it. To create trust, you can use storytelling to tell who the team behind it is, provide customer testimonials or show real images of the physical space or of the workers.

Attract customers: Having a corporate website that can appear among Google results is a prerequisite for customers to find your services and products when they search.

It is an advertising channel: A corporate website is a perfect platform for advertising the company. It supports press releases, multimedia content or corporate blogs, elements that can maximise their reach if social networks are used.

Broaden the reach: The Internet makes it possible for an SME to have customers all over the world, something that would not be possible without a website.

Provides information: This is the ideal place to answer frequent queries about opening hours or services without potential customers having to phone to ask. If they do not know this information, it is possible for them to go to a company that offers the same services but that does display this information on the Internet, thus avoiding this step. In addition, a corporate website allows the insertion of a contact form, so that users can leave their questions or doubts and that, in this way, they arrive directly to the inbox so that they can be answered.

Stand out from the competition: Not having a corporate website will make you lose all those potential customers who are looking on the internet for the right company to meet their needs: by not appearing on Google, all potential customers will go to the competition that does have a website.

It supports social networks: Having a presence on social networks is good, but linking the corporate website to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social network creates a connection circuit that reinforces trust and improves positioning so that the company is easier to locate.

In short, a corporate website is an essential tool to improve the prospects of any kind of company: on the Internet, there are countless customers waiting to find your business and, without a corporate website, they will not be able to find you.

What is a business corporate website?

corporate website is the Internet site of a brand or company and its maximum digital representation on the Internet. On the corporate website, you should find all the necessary information that your potential customers should know about you: who you are, where you are, what you sell and what your social networks are.

Why does a company in the UK need a corporate website?

Having a corporate website in the UK gives you the opportunity to reach more customers, no matter if it is a local business, as you achieve greater presence and visibility, improving business opportunities and attracting potential customers. Better customer service.

How is the business corporate web used in business in the UK?

Businesses in the UK and worldwide can use the Web as a marketing, sales and customer support tool. The Web can be a low-cost alternative to fax, overnight mail and other communications channels.

What is a business corporate website and what is it for?

web page, electronic page, digital page or cyber page is an electronic document or information capable of containing text, sound, video, software, links, images, hyperlinks and many other things, adapted for the World Wide Web (WWW), and which can be accessed through a web browser.

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