About Me


About Me

Hello, my name is Mihai Dobre and I am a Freelance WordPress web designer and digital business consultant.

I help companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the potential of the internet to increase the sales of their business.

At the age of 30, I founded my first hosting company with a turnover of £35,000 in the first year. Today, after 7+ years of experience working with WordPress & WooCommerce I am able to offer more services and help more businesses.

Most of the clients that come to me have the same problem: they have a website that is of no use to them or they don’t have any at all. It doesn’t help them to make their business profitable and this is due to…


How I differ from others


Working in WordPress and WooCommerce web development has given me the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of businesses in hundreds of different sectors.

What’s more, unlike most of the gurus out there, I’ve tried every strategy I sell and I won’t recommend one that hasn’t worked for me.

I’m tired of seeing freelancers and agencies recommending marketing strategies to their clients that they’ve never tried and don’t know if they will work…

I am very clear that I am here to help clients with my experience in online business, not to learn from the mistakes I make them make.

This is what clients who have worked with me value most:

  • Transparency – I will only recommend services and strategies that I have previously tested in my company or with clients who have become success stories.
  • Corporate Vision – All my services and my blog tutorials have the same goal: to make your business more profitable.
  • Speed – I don’t like to be kept waiting and neither do you. That’s why I guarantee fast communication and delivery.

More About Me

I am currently living in SPAIN ( the weather is better 😀  and I work overseas ) working as a freelance web designer expert in WordPress for several clients in Spain, UK & the USA, as I mentioned before… I am also working on some of my own projects:

– This website (blog section): All my free articles about WordPress & eCommerce that will help you with your business in your day by day. In addition to the best tools to apply in your online shop.

– Beside offering my professional services with WordPress & WooCommerce I am also dedicated to Dropshipping business with Aliexpress from where you can learn from my blog the best strategies and tricks of Dropshipping.

– I also have a good graveyard of failed projects, although some of them are not completely dead yet… Someday I’ll take them up again! Hopefully … 🙂

What My Clients Say

Mihai Dobre is extremely professional with WordPress & WooCommerce. I would highly recommend him to anyone 100%. Offers fast and reliable WordPress services in the UK.
Fannie G. Schmitz
Online Clothing Shop - UK
Mihai Dobre is a great fit for any eCommerce fashion business looking to grow in 2021. I highly recomend his professional services.
Avis G. Tinney
Unisex Clothing Shop -Australia
Mihai Dobre is an expert for anyone with a home decor business looking to grow. If you’re looking for a marketing and optimization expert on Shopify, you’ve found him.
James Smith
Online Drones Shop - USA
Mihai Dobre es una gran opción para cualquier persona con un negocio de decoración del hogar con tienda fisica y online. Si estás buscando un en marketing y optimización en WordPress, los has encontrado.
Maria Carrasco
Online Baby Clothing Shop - Spain

Have a Project on mind?

More than 7 years of experience advising digital businesses to position and sell on the internet in a recurrent and stable way. Contact me now to make yours the next one.

Freelance WordPress Web Designer UK

In the last 7 years, I’ve been working with freelancers, individuals, startups & companies based in the UK, Spain & the USA and in all honesty, probably a city near you! With the wonders of modern technology, I’ve refined my process to deliver quality WordPress, Dropshipping & eCommerce sites that deliver value for money. See my freelance web designer portfolio here.