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Over the years I have grown to understand that my clients need more than just a good looking website or eCommerce store.
Freelance Services UK

Web Design Services

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Freelance Mihai Dobre UK

I Build WordPress & WooCommerce Websites in the UK

Freelance Web Designer

Having a website has become vital for any type of business, whether you are a company or a freelancer. It is the showcase so that your potential customers can find you and so you can maintain direct contact with them at all times. As a freelance web designer I can help you with the website of your project.

Looking for a freelance web designer?

There are many types of websites, but there is a leading content management system in the world that offers the possibility of making the website that suits your business and also, once you have it, you do not require any professional to update the content.This CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress. Thanks to the WordPress Website you can get from attractive corporate websites, online stores, booking websites... If you are looking for a Freelance web designer you have come to the right place.

Web Design Services UK

  • As a freelance web designer with WordPress, I bring all my experience. I also started from scratch years ago…
  • I enhance the personal brand of your business.
  • I help you gain visibility and positioning in your sector, gaining a presence in the results of major search engines like Google.
  • I advise you on how to transmit confidence, an essential requirement to succeed on the Internet.
  • I help you to develop a blog that generates clients.
  • I will only recommend services and strategies that I have tested in my company or in clients that have become success stories. If you ask or propose something nonsense I will tell you. Above all, sincerity.
  • I always provide ideas to make your business profitable. If I see something I don’t like, I’ll tell you straight out. We are both in the same boat.
  • Any design I propose will be optimised for publishing and changing content easily.
  • I guide your company’s online strategy whenever you ask me to.
  • I revise content so that it conveys positive values.
  • I don’t like to be kept waiting and I guess you do too. That’s why I guarantee fast communication and delivery of what you have contracted.