If you have a new or old project in mind and you need help to make your business more profitable, contact me by email or ask for a free quote here. I am more than happy to share my experience and guide you through a new online marketing adventure!

I help small businesses that need to get customers on the internet through a professional website or eCommerce store that transmits confidence.

Because the design of your website has a direct impact on your business results. I will not only design your new website, but I will also help you to rank well in Google thanks to a highly optimised development.

But not only that, you will get a secure and fast website so you can focus on your main goal: selling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the website cost?

Every business and project has various needs, and for such a variety of requirements, there are a ton of different features and extras that a website or eCommerce can have.

Your business or company might need an informational website with a basic contact form where potential customers can get in touch with you via email or a phone call. Maybe you are trying to achieve the ultimate business growth by selling your products online ( local and global ), offering a comfortable way for your customers to interact with your business. You might even want a fully functional booking system where your customers can reserve specific dates and times automatically using an integrated calendar.

With that said, I deliver bespoke web design services at an affordable price because I want to give you the best value for your money. That, as well as excellent customer service, helped me to increase the number of referrals to my business, so don’t wait any longer, request a FREE quote today.

Why hire Mihai Dobre to build your website?

I understand the need for creating quality and functional websites and eCommerce stores that generate more visitors towards your business and help to convert that traffic into paying customers.

While there are many web design agencies in the UK, there is also a crushing 90% majority of clients contacting me after being burnt by other website designers or agencies.

Some of my customers lost access to their websites and those who built them aren’t communicating anymore. I NEVER wait more than 24 hours before replying to every single customer, and on project completion, every website is backed up and sent across along with its respective access details.

Other customers come to me because their sites are incomplete and paid upfront ( 100% ). I NEVER accept full payment upfront.

To start working, I receive the 50% of the total cost and then deliver the first draft of the design. You will have the opportunity to request changes or approve the project, where the second payment takes place. The final payment only happens when you are happy with your new website and ready to go live ( the last 50% ).

I also provide a web design contract that protects the interest of both parts from start to completion of every project. Also from the same contract, you will understand exactly what’s included in your project and what’s not.

I offer the best web design experience at an affordable price. You won’t be disappointed with our business relationship so let’s make your business flourish, together!

How long until the website will be ready?

Most websites I build are ready within 10-20 working days from the moment of the first payment ( Also depends on the project’s size and other factors ).

My turnaround depends on how big the project is, how busy I am when you start, how long you take to get back to me with the information I request and how many changes you request during the construction of your website.


Over the last 7 years, I've worked with freelancers, freelancers, startups and companies based in the UK, Spain and the US and in all honesty, probably a city near you!


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