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Contact Mihai Dobrer a freelance web designer expert in WordPress and WooCommerce. I work for individuals and companies in the USA, UK and Spain.
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Contact without commitment.

If you send an email, try to include as much information as possible about your project to request a quote or ask a question.

If you need a corporate WordPress website, WooCommerce online store, maintenance, SEO or private lessons do not hesitate to contact me or request a free quote.


124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, Reino Unido, UK

Phone Number

+34 617 171 582 ( Whatsapp )


Contact - FAQs

How do I work?

I work online in the USA, UK and Spain remotelly and not from a central office.

I use professional online tools to make my magic happen.

Communication will initially be by email or phone / Whatsapp.

While working with me we can communicate using any number of channels, e.g. phone, WhatsApp, phone or even email. Whatever works for you.

Calls are limited to scheduled calls, unless you have a long-term contract.

I have been working 100% online for the last 13+ years, which allows me to keep costs low (ultimately for you). If you live in the Estepona, Cancelada, San Pedro de Alcantara in Spain area we can arrange a face to face meeting.

It’s not that I’m against meeting in person. It’s just that the shape of my online work is spread worldwide so it doesn’t usually make much sense.

I can make appearances for special events, launches and invitations. But I don’t do sales meetings, presentations and all that.

It’s not my style. If you need face-to-face contact, you’ll have to look harder.

New clients: I accept payments by bank transfer for projects with invoices over 500 € and credit/debit card/Paypal for smaller payments.

Existing customers: I accept all forms of payment, including bank transfer, Paypal and credit/debit cards.

You can pay for your project in the currency of your choice. I usually accept payments in £/$/€.

I do contracts for large projects, but not for small ones (for example, I don’t usually do contracts for projects for less than 800 euros).

This is due to the time it takes to draw up the contract.

I also make contracts in advance.

Contracts are governed by UK law and this is non-negotiable. If you enter into a contract with a UK company, the contract is governed by UK law. In this case my company Mihai Dobre LTD is registered in the UK.

Services, pricing and billing

Yes, absolutely. I can do literally anything and any change to any corporate website or WooCommerce store.

My online store design page with WooCommerce covers most of what I offer. The short answer is that I can do anything in WordPress + WooCommerce.

Please contact me for a free, no-obligation quote.

I have a price list here for WordPress projects that gives a basic overview of the costs.

All projects/websites are different and so I can only give an accurate estimate once I know exactly what you need.

I may also need to review your code as well as integrations in order to give an accurate quote.

New clients: I accept payments by bank transfer for invoices over 800 € and credit/debit card/Paypal for smaller payments and projects.

The payment terms for any project are: 60% of the payment when the contract is signed and 40% when the project is finished and online.

Existing customers: I accept all forms of payment, including bank transfer, Paypal and credit/debit cards.

If the scope is very clear, I can give you a fixed price for the completion of the work.

If the scope is not so clear or may change considerably, I will give you an approximate custom quote.

Respond to the e-mail quotation you have received and follow the instructions in the online proposal.

If you have any doubts or questions you can contact me without obligation.