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Professional Logo Design Service UK

A bespoke logo design in the UK is more than just a symbol, it’s an emblem of your brand’s identity, crafted with precision and care. It’s a reflection of your business’s personality, values and vision, a visual representation of your story and the story you want to tell the world.

With a logo design UK, every curve, line, and colour is carefully selected to evoke emotion, capture attention and create a lasting impression. It’s a work of art that showcases the essence of your brand and sets you apart from the rest.

So if you’re looking for a logo that speaks to your audience, resonates with your brand and stands the test of time, a bespoke logo design in the UK is the way to go.

I am an expert in creating bespoke logo design UK, branding and identity. I design and create spectacular logos, but I go much further.

What I can offer you?

Logo Design UK. Custom Logo. Brand Design.

Mihai Dobre is there to cater to your branding kit design needs. Get started now.

Professional Logo Design

Mihai Dobre logo design understand the importance of conveying your original ideas into a professional emblem for your brand or business. Having no logo for your business will not build trust.

Custom Logo Design

As mentioned earlier I create completely bespoke logos. This essentially gives you the ability to resize/scale and edit your finished design anytime you like so it can be used everywhere you need it.

Brand Design

A professional branding design service in the UK enhances a brand's visual identity. It creates a positive ecosystem for the brand to grow amid competitors.

Work I've Done for my clients.

You can see some of the bespoke logo designs i've made for my clients worldwide.
Logo design UK Mihai Dobre

De Pescar

Designed the logo for this fishing niche website located in Spain.

hacer sushi espana 1

Hacer Sushi

Designed the logo for this sushi food niche website located in Spain.

Logo design UK by Mihai Dobre

What Grills

Designed the logo for this barbecues niche website located in United States.

japanese recipes uk 1

Japanese Recipes UK

Designed the logo for this Japanese food recipes niche located in United Kingdom.

I hired Mihai Dobre's logo design service in UK and I was amazed with the final result! I recommend his services 100%.
digital marketing agency reviewer img 1
Matthew Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a logo design can vary depending on several factors such as the experience of the designer, the complexity of the design, and the region where the designer is located. In the UK, the average price range for a logo design can vary from £200 to £2000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.

For a simple logo design, a freelance designer with less experience may charge around £200 to £400, while an experienced designer with a strong portfolio and reputation may charge between £800 and £2000. For more complex logo designs, such as those that require custom illustrations or multiple design concepts, the cost may be higher.

It’s important to note that the cost of a logo design is not the only factor to consider when selecting a designer. It’s also essential to look at the designer’s portfolio, their design style, and their communication skills. Working with a designer who understands your vision and can deliver a high-quality design is crucial to the success of your business.

Crafting a timeless logo involves simplicity, versatility, and relevance. A timeless design transcends trends, ensuring longevity and enduring appeal.

Consider your brand personality and target audience. Research colour psychology to select hues that evoke the desired emotions and align with your brand message.

While DIY options exist, a professional logo designer in the UK brings expertise, ensuring a logo that reflects your brand identity effectively.

Typography contributes to brand personality. Choose fonts that align with your brand voice and resonate with your target audience.

While it depends on factors like industry trends and brand evolution, aim for a balance. Avoid frequent changes to maintain brand consistency.

Yes, a well-crafted logo can integrate local elements while maintaining global appeal. Striking this balance requires a thoughtful design approach.

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